A repeated theme running through my mind these days is what I would tell my younger self in order to prepare or better yet, tools to cope with a “life quake”. I’m part of the unemployed set. I’ve been going to school to widen my job prospects, reading as many advice books as I can cope with and listening to some brilliant and wonderful people on the free online or call in tele-seminars. There really is an unbelievable amount of free information out there that can help you boil down what can help you face the different phases of having your life completely altered and ready to build back up.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have ZERO regrets. I’ve met some incredible characters in my 40 something years and they all had wild and wooly lessons for me. They may not have realized it, but every single person who flowed through my life taught me valuable lessons and that I enjoy helping others. Whether it was speaking at a college class about film or my nephews, I’ve been a great sounding board and advice giver. I’m not the type to usually give you an answer unless directly asked, but there are so many ways to help people come to their own conclusions. Ask a question and get responses that can lead you both to learning something. Listening has always been a great education for me.

 So here I thought I’d share some of my lessons and some advice to my younger self.