I’m reminded by hoof prints on my walk this morning about how life wants to send you the positive, but fear creates the seemingly easier route of negative when you’re young.

LA is so rife with signs of all kinds; it’s all in the interpretation of your path that keeps you happy or sad. When I was in my 20s, I would see such beauty in artwork, graffiti, or one of my favorite pastimes, walking in neighborhoods with beautiful yards. Even on my long drives up the coast to get away from roommates or clear my head ($5 in gas could take you farther than today), beauty surrounded me but it just wasn’t soaked in. I appreciate the memories more today than in the moment. There’s another beauty in having a memory as well.

So, I thought I’d share one of my favorite shapes to find in my travels: the heart. Today’s shape comes in the form of an antelopes hoof print. Looking forward to sharing with you my photo collection of hearts through all the cities I’ve traveled.

For my younger self, I’m grateful for the memories and only wish that you could have enjoyed them more. You would have felt more blissful and joyful in the discovery in the moment. Enjoy the ride, so much more is ahead of you.Image