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Having been unemployed from Hollywood for an unbelievable amount of time now has brought up some interesting reactions from friends. “Why aren’t you working, you’re super girl”, “you know so many people, why aren’t they helping you” or “why haven’t you called all the people you’ve helped get jobs”. It’s an interesting realization what others expect. I’m the kind of person that if I find a terrific person and connect them with other terrific people, it’s an obvious reaction to introduce these great people. Why not?

I’ve had assistants who wanted to learn something or meet someone and if I could help them move on to something else and was able to connect them, I did. I never expected anything in return. That’s not what sharing is all about. Hollywood has a different reaction to helping others and maybe it hurt me in the long run, but I’m still happy to watch all these talented people working their way up the ranks. I know interns who are studio heads or successful screenwriters and former assistants who are Sr VPs at major networks. I once introduced an assistant to a former network head who taught him how to schedule and what a scheduling board looked like. I’m so proud of them, but I don’t expect anything from them either. Ok, maybe I expect a little respect, but even that seems to be lacking, but that’s ok. I just figure karma will reward me in other more important ways.

As for advice to my 20s self, I wouldn’t change a thing. I won’t live in regrets and I love helping people. That won’t change anytime soon. You help people because it creates positive energy and why not help the struggling writer, producer, director or actor. If it’s the right fit, it needs to be helped in the way that works best for the project or people involved. Nothing wrong with that.

Happy Tuesday,